Friday, March 28, 2008

Just started

So this is my first blog, and of course it's going to be an introduction about the purpose of this.

I am currently in the Seneca College Aviation program that is for four years. First year is two weeks from being done. At which I will start my flight training at Buttonville Municipal Airport, where there are a lot of students do their flight training as well.

I hope to use this as my own self study kind of thing, but of course I have just started and I know many people who blog about their training as well. A way to review and bring out my opinions about anything, aviation related or not.
Also since it's open to the public, I can use it to get help from other people as well.

I named it pilot's discretion since it's kind of my freedom to talk about things that I want to talk about, and maybe bring forth my opinion about them.

So my first blog will be soon, it would most probably talk about my experience about my first year in Seneca.

Future thanks to those that read this, and comment on the things I need help on.