Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Phase 2 Check "A"

So we have classes again, but now flying is thrown in the mix, so it should be one hectic last 3 years of school. Our fall semester classes are:
Avionics and Instrument Fundamentals
Differential Equations
Material Science
An elective - which I chose was Food For Thought.

It's definitely less classes than before but the workload will probably be the same, if not more. And so the need for hoping to have a good year is definitely ..well still needed. There was also an orientation for 1st year students today. From what I've heard there's 106 new students! That's a lot. Well, they better stay motivated if they want to make it to the airport.

Tomorrow is my phase check for phase two before I can begin solo airwork flights in phase 2.
This flight is basically a review of all the airwork that was introduced and practiced in Phase 1, to see if I can do them safely by myself.
So the basic airwork stuff covered tomorrow are:
Steep Turns - two 360 degree turns made at 45 degree angle of bank maintaing altitude
Slow Flight - manoeuvre in the slow flight speed range, 5kts above stall speed.
Stalls - perform proper entry and recovery of power off and power on stalls
Spins- perform proper entry and recovery of a spin both ways, using ofcourse the proper procedures
Spiral Dives - properly recover a spiral dive, without exceeding the manufacturer's recommended speeds.
Precautionary approach - perform a precautionary approach (probably on a field) according to the situation given by instructor
Short Field Takeoff & Landing - practice short field takeoffs and landings

So it is quite a lot to cover in 1.4hrs flight time. Hopefully I don't mess anything up considering I haven't done them in so long. And if all goes well, (crossfingers, or just praying that it does, or both), I would be able to do 3 solo airwork flights after that.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Solo

It took a long time but I made it. I've finally gone for my first solo. Now all those incomplete (cause of weather) and unsat flight of I.14 (pre-solo) don't even matter.

So of course I gotta tell the stories in those 8 little minutes I was alone in the air.

With a slight crosswind from the right took off from Buttonville Runway 33, following C-FRFI a Cessna 150. Now I had my eye on him because he was the traffic to follow. I somewhat caught up to him so I had to extend a bit before turning crosswind. As I was about to turn crosswind, I see raindrops on the windshield, I was like oh yEAH! but it didn't matter. On downwind, I did all my checks and did the before landing briefing as I would with an instructor. I heard over the radio about Media 1 coming in for RWY 03, but tower didn't tell me anything so I was good.

Abeam the threshold of RWY 33, I slowly decreased power for base, and trimmed it. Then as I was about to turn base, tower told me to extend downwind for another 10 seconds for spacing, I guess for Media 1 landing RWY 03. So as I turned back to downwind, I had to pull up a little bit. And as I did, my airspeed dropped just below 60 and I heard the stall horn, I got scared for that tiny second but quickly added power up to 2000 RPM. Counting in my head I turned base after 10 seconds. Told tower I was on base and I was number 1.

Final approach was the best I've had. The piano keys or the numbers of the threshold didn't move from the windscreen and my airspeed steady at 65. Tower cleared me for a touch and go and I said, uhh FULL STOP for Sierra Charlie Romeo.

On the round out, slowly reducing power, looking beyond the end of the runway, started my flare and ...that's right no BOOM! on landing. My landing was so smooth, I just smiled after touchdown. Almost to get on the brakes..exited Bravo1 and taxiied back.
I must say this was my best landing so far.

Then after I shutdown and got a bunch of my "colleagues" congratulating me. It was awesome, they then soaked me in water.

After my soaking, mandatory picture with airplane