Monday, July 2, 2012

One more time

Our worlds collided but it never stayed. We thought we could be something amazing but we just ended as something that once were. Our paths crossed only for a brief moment. But it's me stuck with the memory of the memories exchanged. Now I wonder where our place sit amongst each other. Where are we headed, where do we belong? It's all uncertain as the weather. We've been born in different Earths. And the distance feels beyond the ability for travel. The bridge that once connected us, now lay burning, waiting for either the collapse or the unforeseeable drowning of embers.

And the truth of it all is that we never got the chance to really give it a chance. We never had the time to let it all play out. The clock ticked quickly and time changed us faster than the second. However, because of you, I no longer fear the invisibility of what's ahead. I merely just go and do and hope for the slightest minuscule chance that we can go at it once again.
Our mutual love perished but it doesn't mean it can't be revived.

Let's give it another go.