Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flying like a...seagull?

"Being a pilot is much like being a seagull; fly around…eat some garbage…take a nap…fly around…eat some more garbage.”

The Pilots Room we were in

This pilots lounge is getting too comfortable with me being in it for the past 3 hours. That's okay, since we got in when the weather was right at minimums with lower forecasted, we get to sit for a few more hours until it's back home again for us.

The funny part is this airport is a bit bigger than our usual destination. A lot more livelier as it is filled with passengers and employees of a scheduled airline that comes here quite a bit. Still though, no internet access even though I'm connected through their modem and no cell reception, my options are similarly limited. I'm gonna have to start getting creative with all these day-long holds we often get. Maybe next time I'll bring a set of playing cards or a board game, however a game of twister might be pushing it. If I had a female captain, let alone a hot one then I might reconsider.

In the meantime though, I think it's nap time. The busyness of this place now seems to play against the possibility of catching some Z's now. What if I legitimately pass out, some next pilots will come in here and would have to be obliged to be quiet for my sake, and I don't wanna impose that on anyone.

What a conundrum, on a cloudy day, at least we get to fly...right?