Saturday, February 12, 2011

Common Frequency Areas Survey

I am conducting a research project on Common Frequency Areas such as but not limited to 122.9, 123.02, 122.92. I am mostly doing the study for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The study is about the hazards that could be associated with Common Frequency Areas. Such hazards in uncontrolled airspace can be extended to operation within uncontrolled aerodromes.

I have put out a short 10 question survey which would take less than 5 minutes. I would appreciate it if you were to take a short period of your time to help with this research project. My goal for this research is to identify and confirm the hazards and to help increase safety by making an awareness of such hazards.

The survey can be found here

Any information given is de-identified and will be used solely for the purpose of the research and nothing else.
Any questions and/or comments can be directed to

Thank you for your time.