Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Flying with the sunrise along the cascade volcanoes of Washington

I've always believed (or liked to believe) that there is a balance in the universe. You win some and lose some. Things are given or taken away. A constant battle of good things and not-so-good things. But every now and then I am reminded that it doesn't work like that all the time. It may in the grandest scheme of things but individually or specifically it's mostly just random.

For most people random isn't something really frowned upon, many people actually embrace the idea of spontaneity, something happening that is not directly related from a previous something. I guess I've chosen a career where randomness causes certain uncertainties that may be beyond our control and we are infinitely infuriated by it because as a pilot, I like control, I like certainties, expectations.

I pull on the control wheel and I expect the airplane to come off the ground.

The past half year have been nothing short of complete randomness. I became roommates with a friend of mine after jokingly stating in a group chat that we should find a place and live together. Sure enough the next ad I saw was for a 2 bedroom and we end up going for it. I have almost completely given up on finding someone special in the transient place I've called home for 2.5 years and yet almost out of nowhere, she came rushing in like a waterfall and we fell in love faster than I could have ever imagine. Unfortunate series of events led to getting a lay off notice and all of the sudden I was unemployed breaking my record of never having been fired or laid off ever since I started to work.

Then the biggest curveball came almost instantaneously right after. I then found myself all over the country for a month travelling for the recruitment process, losing my grandmother, and then getting hired at a major regional airline with very positive reputation (a complete 180 from my previous company). 7 weeks of ground and simulator training between Vancouver & Toronto. And here I am in the west coast for the first time in my life trying to settle back down again, in a different (completely different, almost like another country actually) place.

Uncertainties are life's most certain mysteries that one could always expect to come out of the blue. Might as well embrace randomness.

I just wonder what comes next....or I should say how soon will what comes next happen?