Monday, September 20, 2010


I said I was going to keep this more up to date over the summer because I had something to talk about. Well, that's a lie!
Because I clearly didn't write anything. I'm sorry!

I had to make journals throughout the summer about my time at the work place i'll post one of those

"During the past two weeks, I have done quite a lot of flying and have learned a lot about the charter operations. On Monday, I spent the whole day flying with our maintenance manager. Our first stop was flying to pick up regular clients from a fishing camp near North Bay in Lac Caughnawana. It was in the Caravan and the weather wasn’t the best, luckily we had weather radar on board. We got up to the cottage and the winds weren’t too bad and we got inside after we docked since they were not ready to go just yet. They offered us some desserts and Tom said since we didn’t really have any time to eat because it was a busy and packed day, we accepted.

The client and his friends were still finishing up lunch when we were inside; they were all nonchalant even though in our minds, we didn’t have any time to spare because we would be late to pick up the next passengers.

After dropping them back to Buttonville, we had a quick turn and headed on our way to Taboo golf resort around the Muskokas. We picked up more passengers who spent the weekend there to drop them off at Pearson to go to their international flights. We were late but they understood that delays like this and due to weather can happen. On our way to Pearson, we encountered fairly significant weather that forced us to go a little bit lower. I never used the weather radar prior to this and he got to show me how to use it and read the feed briefly."