Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So it's been a long (10x) time since I have posted here, and I don't really have a good reason so I'm just going to bluntly say it.

I haven't had ideas, time, or energy to really get my writing up to speed with the work I have been recently being pounded with at school. Many a times especially in my class have I seen people who fall under the smart group go and separate ways from the rest of our class. Many, if not all of them, have legitimate reasons for doing so as well, and sometimes it makes me think if I, as well, am wasting my time here doing this Bachelor Degree program.
However, I am not one about to give up or quit, it's just not in my veins to do such thing. I think that it's not really fair to myself to just give up without giving my very best effort in aviation or anything.

Anyways enough of that talk...
In order to graduate, one of the requirements is to have a Co-op job for one of the summers, either 2nd or 3rd. The coop has to last a minimum of 14 consecutive weeks around May-August, with a minimum 24 hours a week work and usually it should be a paid job as well. This coop term is to introduce or allow us to understand the aviation industry, small or big companies and how they operate and gain experience in it even if it's a ramp job.

I have applied for a ground operations attendant position at a charter company based in Yellowknife, NT. Along with four of my colleagues, we were supposed to be given phone interviews with a live video feed. However, we were spared the live video feed as it was not working at the moment so we just continued with the phone interview. I must say that the interviewer was really monotone and quite uninterested or so it seemed, to have these interviews. The next day, I find out that 3 of my classmates were given the positions available and I'm left here to wonder why I wasn't one of the three. It was all right actually, at first I was really interested of living somewhere far from southern Ontario for once, but started getting cold feet as the interview neared. I still wanted to work there, but getting declined for the job wasn't the end of the world either.

Now I'm here left stranded, waiting to secure a job over the summer or else I would be left alone not even able to fly because of difference in tuition fees and factors unknown to me, so I must get to it quickly. My last resort and very uninviting position is being a dispatcher for our very own summer operations, and even this isn't a 100% gurantee.

With most of the coop positions being some kind of dispatcher or ramp attendant, it reminded me of this funny video about what it would or could but maybe not should be like working on the ramp.