Thursday, November 6, 2008

Upcoming Flight Test

So today I flew for the first time in three weeks. Everything was great but visibility was marginal- about 3SM. It's been like this for the past few days, shallow fog or mist and it doesn't really lift, it just stays there as haze! Anyways I went for my extra dual flight and things were better, a few minor tweaking is needed here and there but i get to polish that in my solo before flight test.

So currently I'm number 5 or 6 I believe for a flight test, a couple of PPL and a few CPL flight test are to be finished before me. However, two of Seneca's examiners are gonna be gone for ATAC i believe for the whole week so I'm probably gonna be scheduled the week after next.

I just hope it doesn't get pushed over again and again because I don't like flying after a long drought of not flying, it makes me lose a little bit of confidence and I need all the confidence I can get for the flight test.

They said you can never feel ready for the flight test, and I really think it's true, but I just hope and pray that I am ready as much as I can be, when the time comes, and it's coming soon.

I'm pretty stoked about this winter because it'll be the first winter for me on the flightline, it should be interesting...I know there'll be way more cancellations of flights but for some odd reason I don't really mind. Plus I think we get a break somewhere in December which is great.