Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aviation Assistant

A few days ago, Monday May 17th, I started my summer coop job at (and i'm not here to advertise for them or anything) ...ahh well i guess i just won't say. And my job position is Aviation Assistant which is basically just helping around with daily flight operations.
So far it's been great and fun, a lot of hands on work and I get to understand that with such a smaller company compare to what you see on "TV" or media i should say, that the pilots are more involved than just flying the aircraft.
It's a great revelation to me because usually coming out of college or flight school, that's what pilots face. And I say usually because there ARE those students who train because of a job position waiting for them but anyway. Most pilots face a small company to begin their careers with and it's quite interesting from the looks of it so far. I cannot wait!

Next week I will be going for my float rating/endorsement which could be very useful in the future. (Float rating allows me to takeoff and "land" on water with floatplanes.) Could be fun!