Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Phase 2 Check "A"

So we have classes again, but now flying is thrown in the mix, so it should be one hectic last 3 years of school. Our fall semester classes are:
Avionics and Instrument Fundamentals
Differential Equations
Material Science
An elective - which I chose was Food For Thought.

It's definitely less classes than before but the workload will probably be the same, if not more. And so the need for hoping to have a good year is definitely ..well still needed. There was also an orientation for 1st year students today. From what I've heard there's 106 new students! That's a lot. Well, they better stay motivated if they want to make it to the airport.

Tomorrow is my phase check for phase two before I can begin solo airwork flights in phase 2.
This flight is basically a review of all the airwork that was introduced and practiced in Phase 1, to see if I can do them safely by myself.
So the basic airwork stuff covered tomorrow are:
Steep Turns - two 360 degree turns made at 45 degree angle of bank maintaing altitude
Slow Flight - manoeuvre in the slow flight speed range, 5kts above stall speed.
Stalls - perform proper entry and recovery of power off and power on stalls
Spins- perform proper entry and recovery of a spin both ways, using ofcourse the proper procedures
Spiral Dives - properly recover a spiral dive, without exceeding the manufacturer's recommended speeds.
Precautionary approach - perform a precautionary approach (probably on a field) according to the situation given by instructor
Short Field Takeoff & Landing - practice short field takeoffs and landings

So it is quite a lot to cover in 1.4hrs flight time. Hopefully I don't mess anything up considering I haven't done them in so long. And if all goes well, (crossfingers, or just praying that it does, or both), I would be able to do 3 solo airwork flights after that.


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