Friday, November 19, 2010

Airplane Fatal Crash

It's hard to think let alone write about the event that transpired last night.
One of our airplanes were involved in a fatal crash/accident killing all 3 occupants on board when they were returning back to Buttonville from Kingston.

The news article and video footage of the wreckage can be found here

When I say one of our airplanes, its one of the Bonanzas that I've always loved to fly, and have flown many times.

And when I say occupants, it's 3 good friends of mine, 2 of which I have flown with on the exact same flight two days prior (on Tuesday).
I'm not an accident expert so my opinions aren't much for anything, but looking at the footage of the devastating wreckage, it seemed that the impact was quite hard.

Only time will tell if time can tell what happened here, I sure hope it does, so we can learn from it...and perhaps save another family from getting that phone call or doorbell.

RIP to the comrades that were killed and God Bless to their friends, and most especially their families for this loss.

ps. i have so much more to say about this, but i will leave it til later

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