Thursday, June 27, 2013

Not too shabby

Currently hanging out at the hydro shack for the day. Shack makes it sound shitty but in reality it's better than most of our holds.

There's a couch, telephone, and a TV! Even I don't watch TV at home because I don't have cable/satellite. It's pretty awesome to be honest. 

I think it was some weird commercial haha!

Can't say much about the airport/town though. It's livable for sure but not my idea of a great town. The airport and runway is right next to a bunch of houses and there's always stray dogs and seagulls everywhere. 

Short final, "3 green, runway is NOT clear". There were dogs crossing the runway. A flock of seagulls on arrival end of runway about to takeoff in all directions. Ah shit! Hope for the best and try not to hit them. Safety first after all. Two of the dogs cross very slowly on flare, the other dog remains on the other side. Touchdown, nothing was hit, thank Jeebuz!

Now we can relax and have a nap on the couch before we worry about real problems like thunderstorms that could build up along our route for our way home. 

Another day, living the dream...

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