Monday, September 15, 2008

Cross Country

So I've been really sick for the past week. And it sucks because well I violate the rule of thumb for flying a number of times so that's why I haven't flown in like a week.
There's this thing you could use to check if you should fly or not its called the IM SAFE acronym to check if you're fit for flying.

It's funny because us pilots have acronym's and abbreviations for EVERYTHING.

The acronym goes like this:
Illness - you shouldn't fly sick, even a small cold can get worse at altitude
Medication - Don't fly when taking over-the-counter medication not approved by a AME
Stress - Don't fly when you're over stressed, it'll affect your PDM greatly.
Alcohol - 8 hours bottle to throttle, 12 for Seneca
Fatigue - Haven't had enough sleep? Don't fly!
Eating - Proper nutrition and healthy diet is a must!

I don't meet I M and S in that IM SAFE checklist.

Anyways, I have planned my long cross country for a while now and just waiting to actually fly it with my instructor. I was scheduled today but with the weather caused by Post Ike and my illness moved it to Thursday morning.
My route goes as follows:
CYKZ - SHP over Ballantrae - CNF4 - CYQA - CYEE - CNY3 - CNA3 - CYKZ
So first I get to do it with my instructor and then I fly the whole thing again on a different day, solo!
I'm scared but even more excited. Should be fun!

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