Monday, October 25, 2010

Which view is better

There’s something about love stories that we cling to. We all go through stories in movies and other media about how one person finds another and they both fall in love and live happily ever after.
But what’s more are the real stories. The one that go through sorrows and sadness and despair, the ones that we are accustomed to because we have gone through them and we feel a sort of relief learning that other people, mostly everyone, go through them as well. The stories that end in sad endings, and the ones that just make our imaginative selves want to go crazy because of dramatic irony. We all enjoy the stories even though it probably kills us inside.

It makes us think of our own little or big stories. It makes us see if we are the same or what if we are completely different. No matter the case, we feel a sort of relation with other people’s stories that we become sort of part of their story.

It’s amazing how we can dream about ourselves in third person and use some of those dreams as a deciding factor to some of our choices in life.  Sort of like the way we watch tv shows, movies, or read stories and find ourselves being played by another character in the same third person view.

Maybe that’s the problem, in life we only see things in first person but in the dream world or in fantasy or in other peoples stories, we see ourselves in other people as third person and it allows us to have a completely different perspective on almost everything. It allows us to step back and realize things we cannot comprehend in first person.

So maybe what I’m trying to say is that, when the going gets tough, we need to step back and look at ourselves from up above or down below, somewhere other than the first person view. Because in the first person view, we have lots of blind spots that we cannot take away and those blind spots can mean a complete change in direction in some things.

So step back, and when you find yourself contemplating whether you are doing the right or wrong thing, look at yourself from someone else’s perspective and maybe, just maybe you can find a fuller view of the situation rather than being obscured or skewed by the first person view.

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shyan said...

doesnt it depend on what sort of person we decide to look at ourselves from?