Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Avionics class

Today was another reminder why I don't like school that much. Talk about punishment or imprisonment, I (along with 40 others) had to endure 4.5 long, repetitive, monotonous hours of presentations about various navigational aids/systems.

I was one of the four more basic navigation systems that presented last week. They were:
ADF - automatic direction finding
VOR - VHF omnidirectional range
ILS - Instrument Landing System
EGPWS - Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
MLS - Microwave Landing System

and today:
TCAS - Traffic alert and collision avoidance system
RNAV - Area Navigation
ADS-B - Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast
LORAN-C - LOng RAnge Navigation

it was actually quite a list of topics that we had covered in that class. Unfortunately, the sad undying fact still remains that we have to get examined on these system for Final Exam which is coming in about two weeks time.

I can't wait!

As for the weather, it looks promising at least for the next 7 days starting tomorrow.

With the news about SCV,
It was actually replaced with an engine that was suppose to go on another Bonanza in Maintenance so that they could fly it back here. Both the failed engines are currently being investigated by TSB and I believe, Continental - the maker of the engine.

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Kaleen Ramos said...

are you flying yet? :)