Sunday, April 5, 2009

People like us (pilots)

Today I was buzzing through the world of interweb, and to my surprise I find my way to the glamorous and of course infamous world of youtube. I usually have subscriptions of different channels that I tend to watch but this time I was looking for something different and something more grandiloquently grotesque.

I then come across a what I would think as a tv series much like How it's made or Extreme Machines., and it's something that it also lies in the genre of satirical comedy. It would seem to me after watching that it is a similar to "Burn After Reading" movie which is categorized as a black comedy film. It is not a film of black people being comedians no, it is actually quite a difficult form of comedy as some people may not appreciate the intended sarcasm and irony involved in such pieces.

Anyways it is a three-part segment, but definitely worth watching...

HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT as much as I did at least!

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