Thursday, January 27, 2011

People continue to disappoint me. I don't know what it is I do or I've done that makes the people I surround myself with temporary. They all manage to find a way out when their part of the story is not even close to finish yet. Some people lose interest and some are just too afraid to take a chance. I see people everyday, walking the earth clueless to what they want and oblivious to what they have. They want to do something for themselves but they never find anything worthy of their full attention. Jack of all trades, master of none. I see people everyday living in yesterday, regretting and dwelling the past, the unchangeable past.

Regret, I don't understand it, why do something if you even have the slightest doubt of regretting it later on. Or even simply, why regret the things you've already done, time only moves forward so shouldn't we train our minds to do the same. I guess that's the same reason why people continue to leave. They lack the ability to look deep enough into the perhaps, the maybe, the possibly that they walk away before they even get in.

Isn't life about the interactions, the people that enter it whether we chose to or not. Isn't it about the things we do or don't do and how we deal with it. What are people so scared of? There's really not much to it. Before you know it, you're old, wrinkled and unable. Disability is not so bad when you look at inability. When you're truly unable to do anything whether you want to or not. So why not do the things you want and need while you can. While the chance is still there.

The only fear we should have is having to look back when we're on our deathbed, not knowing what could have been, if only we had tried or tried harder.

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sito saguid said...

i love persons who write on things they think about and feel about. most times, things we think of and feel about are also being thought of and felt by others. when we share our experiences with others, this somehow confirms they are not ALONE with these thoughts and feelings, and this somehow helps alleviate the pain,if they feel pained, or celebrate joy,if they are joyful. i will gladly follow your youthful blog. you might be another Richard Bach in the making.

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if i may suggest, try reading richard bach's jonathan livingston seagull. you'll love it!