Sunday, January 9, 2011


Pennies are worth more than a cent...

Try and think of the many things a penny can be used for other than its value as money. Its copper like substance, rounded edges, faces, pictures, numbers engraved onto its very surface is usually more than one cent.

It's a coin, one with two sides which can be and is often used as a choice decider.
An entertainer, for it can spin for a limited time and can give a person excitement in times of (severe) boredom.
A souvenir of a country or a place or a time, some even have machines that turn them into pendant like oval shaped souvenirs in remembrance of a landmark.
A flat head screwdriver replacement.
A collectors item, a piece of history.
A poking device for things such as a stuck quarter in the vending machine.
A wish at a wishing well.
A good luck charm when found randomly.
Or perhaps a very non-lethal, or lethal, depending on certain conditions, weapon when thrown or dropped at something or someone.
But most of all, it is one cent, five cents, a dollar and a million dollars, for all money starts with one penny, one cent.

With the one purpose of its creation, many other uses arise and perhaps we can learn something from that. We may feel that we are created for a single purpose or goal in life, and sure some people have proven it to be for their case. But its only appropriate to discover and explore and appreciate the many other uses we may have for our life along the way.

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