Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Name Is Charlie...

All I am, is nothing but a cat
But to her, I am much more than that.
A loving companion, whenever she's alone
She'd let me roam around, in her tiny little home

My first family couldn't stand me
As I kept biting, they kept yelling, Charlie!
When they left, and I was left on my own
She saw me as the turn to her frown

I'm her special one, all dark and sly
Sneaky like a ninja, and fast like a fly
I was hungry and she would always feed me
And all this I have for nothing more than free

I could never ask for a better owner and more importantly a friend
She saved me, she's truly heaven sent
She'd even take me to trips far far away
But she would never let me go astray

Sometimes though, I'd have to work hard for her attention
So I'd always climb on her bed, to wake her for some luncheon
She gives me blankets when I'm cold
But I know in reality, the best warming is from her hold

The only thing I don't like, is when she takes me to the vet
Like I'm some kind of normal pet
I wish I could tell her, I'm much more than that
Just look at me, I'm healthy and not even fat.

But I guess she has to so I wouldn't get sick
So I wouldn't pass it to her whenever I'd give her a lick
A kiss, a scratch, a purr or any other
Things that no one else does...we do them together

So with all the love that she has given me
I wish for one thing and one thing only
That's to let her know that I love her and I always will
That what we have is much more than the real.

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