Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The sound of quiet contemplation

When you see things before they happen.
When you're hurt before getting hit.
When you're looking for a sign, anything to hold on to, and to hope for.
When you're face flat on the floor before you even get to stand on your feet.
When you lose something before even gaining it.
When the sky turns gray before the sunrise.
When it pours before it rains.
When you feel completely helpless.
When it's as hard to close your eyes as you open them.
When you wakeup into dream and sleep in reality.
When the world turns upside down before it's even fully formed.
When breathing seems like a workout.
When nothing's going your way.

And no one can notice nor understand you.

When you're dead before getting the chance to live.

The feeling is as unique as your very self, but the process,...well it's universal.

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sito saguid said...


i love persons who write on things they think about and feel about. most times, things we think of and feel about are also being thought of and felt by others. when we share our experiences with others, this somehow confirms they are not ALONE with these thoughts and feelings, and this somehow helps alleviate the pain,if they feel pained, or celebrate joy,if they are joyful. i will gladly follow your youthful blog. you might be another Richard Bach in the making.

may i invite you also to visit my blog, leafdropper journal. you might catch something from there as well.