Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Empty Perfection

She opens her eyes and to her amazement, she sees herself standing before a beach.

A beach with sand so white as the limited clouds in the sky filled with bold blue sky above. This beach seemed different for she noticed a completely flat and untouched texture of the sand giving indication that no single foot have taken step on it before hers. In the distance she sees large shore-like rocks shaped by the waves of ocean water crashing against it with a mighty force.

She walks along the beach, taking each step with her breath, slowly so that she could savour the moment forever at least in her mind.This very moment gives her heart inexplicable joy and she feels content as if her very life was oriented to this very moment.

She turns around, now with her back against the wind. Her dark brown hair with slight light brown highlights gets blown forward over her pale skin tone of her face.  Tiny strands of hair perfectly, and imperfectly fall over her face and her dark hazel eyes, which were now staring into the distance. Her hair is messed up and arranged now so naturally, only the wind could do. She notices the same beach and nothing or no one else in sight.

At that very moment her heart died and a rush of sadness flowed through her veins. That very feeling of your soul seeming to leave the body, escaping through every pore of your skin, until you get that tingling feeling up your spine. At that perfect moment, in a perfect place, she felt inadequate and empty, for she was all alone.
Absolutely no one to share perfection with. There's no greater sadness than an empty perfection.

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